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* Postmasters

“They turn junk mail into masterpieces.”
                                                               --- Richard Johnson, Page Six, New York Post

“The Postmaster stamp series makes me want to doff my cap and salute. Here at last are stamps that truly represent the spirit of America -- its daiquiri and bunny slippers, its TV dinners and automobile graveyards, its standing rib roasts and naugahyde ottomans and Unabombers. Each is a little perfect gem -- little in size, maybe, but with a heart that’s as big as all outdoors.”
                                                                                              --- Lucy Sante, Author, Lowlife
“During Britain’s postal strike of 1971, appeared in which private individuals could set up shop in competition with the General Post Office, I started a company called Stamp Out Art and had stamps designed by amongst others Eduardo Paolozzi, David Hockney, and Alan Jones. Too bad Bill Graef wasn’t around, but he is a sparkling successor.”     
                                                                               --- Anthony Haden-Guest, Vanity Fair


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